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Our Talus Street centre is fully equipped with the latest in tennis racquets and accessories and we have a selection of these at Willis Park too. Our professional coaching staff are always happy to advise on suitable racquets for all standards, ages and budgets.

We stock the best racquets in Babolat. We have demo racquets available to “try before you buy”. This can be done at any of our tennis centres, so come and test a racquet with one of our professional coaches (bookings essential).

We won’t be beaten on price!
Call us on 9901 3144 for expert advice from our coaches.

Get your racquet restrung by our professional stringers – all with prompt turnaround times. Read the below article on stringing by Mark Roger. Very helpful!

Multifilament String – soft string, less durable, good playability
Babolat Addiction
Babolat X-cel
Synthetic Gut – Good feel and durability, harder string
Babolat Syn Gut
Polyester String – Great durability, great for top spin
Babolat Pro Hurricane
Babolat RPM Blast
Babolat RPM Team
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour
Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power


The world’s best players get their racquets strung after each match
WHY ? …… So they do not have to adjust their swings

If you don’t restring your racquet regularly it loses its playability: simply the ball does not come off the strings at the same trajectory as it did before. Hence the shots you hit do not clear the net by as much as and therefore land shorter, you may think at this stage that your racquet is losing power.

You end up changing your swing to compensate for this loss of power. After a new restring a lot of people can complain they are now hitting long but this is a result of not restringing their racquet on a regular basis and having to adjust their swing.

Did you know how much was involved in restringing your racquet?
Let’s try to clear up some issues relating to how frequently you should restring your racquet and which type of string and tension are best for you.

How often should I get my racquet restrung?
Well a general rule of thumb is to restring your racquet per the same amount you play per week. So if you play once a week, then restring your racquet once a year, if you play twice a week then restring twice a year and so on…

What tension should I restring at?
The racquet tension will largely depend on you as a player. The looser you restring your racquet, the more power it will give you; but the tighter you restring it, the more control you’ll have. Be careful if you have arm/elbow problems as a tighter restring may do you more damage. Try to experiment with some different tensions and find one that suits you and stick with it. Remember that a racquet used frequently (i.e. 2 to 3 times per week) will lose tension and may perform differently – this means it’s time to get a restring so you can keep playing at your optimum level.

What type of string?
Strings have different gauges (thickness) and this can also produce a different feel to hit with. A thinner gauge string may feel like it is more “playable” but will probably not be as durable, while a thicker string will more durable but not as playable. By playable I mean that you will feel the ball off your strings better, therefore giving you more control and finesse!!!!

Please feel free to contact us on 9901 3144 and talk to our String Doctors to see if we can give your game an edge!

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